Armocromia in Italian is a discipline that studies the reaction of colours on an individual’s skin – what in English is called “Seasonal Colour Analysis” or simply “Colour Analysis” and this is what gives the name to our project, together with our love for cats!

Our services are targeted towards anybody that wants to rediscover their image.

We have experience working with individuals coming from different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and ethnicities and we will be more than happy to learn more about you and help you find harmony between your colours, personal features and personality. 

The 16 Seasons in the Colour Analysis

The colour analysis is an imitatio naturae that in Latin means an imitation of nature; like in nature you have 4 seasons, and each of them has its own specific colours and characteristics. The same principle can be applied to everything else, including people. The system that we use is the one with 16 seasons, where there is a macro-season with four different sub-seasons, each of them very unique in its own way.

Knowing your season will help you choose the best colours in terms of makeup, hair colour, accessories and clothing. You will gain tools to shop in a more conscious way and avoiding to spend money on items that eventually won’t suit you or won’t enhance your image. Look behind these four pictures and discover all the 16 seasons!

Bright winter scene with northern lights

Smoky Deep Winter

Deep Winter

Frozen Winter

Bright Winter

Light spring with cherry blossoms by a river

Bright Spring

Warm Spring

Light Spring

Soft Light Spring

Summer lake with lavender fields

Soft Light Summer

Light Summer

Frozen Summer

Soft Deep Summer

Light Autumn forest with evening sun

Soft Light Autumn

Warm Autumn

Soft Deep Autumn

Deep Autumn

Yin&Yang: Style and Body Shape

stylish dressed in pink with skirt and boots

Everything in this world starts with the concept of dualism: Yin and Yang.

This ancient philosophy describes how two forces may appear opposite or contrary while they are actually complementary, interconnected between each other and how they can create a beautiful balance in the universe. They cannot exist alone, they will always need their opposite.

You can think of this dualism in many terms:

Dark and light

Black and White

Feminine and Masculine

Since we are a result of nature, also our appearance is made of a combination of attributes that can either be classified as Yin or Yang.

Sometimes we may refer to Yin as feminine and to Yang as masculine: this is just for the sake of description and it does not have any correlation with gender.

Often we try to hide who we really are, or we want to give a perception of our image that does not reflect our personality; other times we think that copying a look that we see on somebody else will make us look better, realising only after that it does not fit us at all.

This type of analysis will give you more awareness and tools to accept yourself the way you are and how you want others to perceive you. Your image is the first thing that others will notice, and our goal is to help you elevate it and make you feel confident and happy the way you look.

In this society, where we are constantly pushed to meet certain image standards, we tend to forget about the beauty of uniqueness: understanding our style through our own features is the most powerful tool to increase our self-esteem and value our own individual beauty.

Yin and Yang, in combination with the Seasonal Colour Analysis, is the ultimate way to enhance our image 360 degrees.

It’s important to know that this tool should not be a cage: being too strict in your classification will defeat the purpose and will just put you in a box. We will be working together in finding the right balance to create your own style and help you shop in a conscious way and you will no longer buy items that don’t suit your looks.

Our Methodology

The methodology we use is the one created by the Italian Image Consultant Giusy De Gori.
Besides being our teacher and mentor, she is also the person that helped us make Armochromeow a reality.

Giusy’s approach to image and styling is very unique: she looks at your facial features, your body shape, your colour analysis and the Yin&Yang balance; through a holistic view she founded a unique method that considers differences in ethnicities, cultures and personalities. Through her method, you will gain all the tools to elevate your image and find the best balance between what you want and who you are. Her method is flexible and can be easily tailored to each of us because it really takes into consideration exactly what makes us unique, what makes us different and how our individuality and personality are interconnected with our image. Thanks to her interest in Psychology her approach is the most thorough and does not stop with image, but wants to dig deeper in order to really help us find our internal peace and elevate our self-esteem and self-awareness to a new level.

Italian image consultant and color analyst Giusy De Gori

Meet our team

Image consultant Francesca wearing pink lipstick


Image Consultant

Consultant David wearing burgundy headscarf


Technical Consultant

Chonky cat Kimchi looking displeased


Head Of People

Sweet cat Mochi looking judgemental


Head Of Marketing

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