Full-Experience package with personalised file

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This is a combination of Colour Analysis and Yin & Yang and it’s the most popular and comprehensive service. 💜
It can be done all at once or with the two analyses split into two different days based on your availability. 🤗

Color analysis is a wonderful way to discover your season and determine which colors can truly enhance your image. Our conversation won’t focus on simply “good colors vs bad colors,” but will delve deeper into how colors make you feel and how we can incorporate shades you love, even if they’re not part of your season’s palette. 💖

During the analysis, we’ll start by draping various fabrics of different colors and textures on you to see how they complement your skin tone. If you’re comfortable, we can even try on different lipstick shades that I’ll provide, ensuring everything is perfectly sanitized. ⭐️
It would also be great if you could bring some of your favorite makeup items to the consultation so we can explore them together. 💄

Additionally, I’ll assess the shapes of your facial features and how they interact with your unique coloring. By doing this, we will touch the bases of Yin and Yang in relation to your facial features. This will help us determine the best colors, textures, and shapes to enhance your natural beauty. 🥰

After this, we will start looking into the Yin & Yang Analysis.

Discovering your Yin and Yang is an excellent way to identify your personal style based on your unique body shape, all while breaking free from the societal rules that dictate our appearance. If you’ve ever tried on clothes in a shop and realized they didn’t flatter you, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you. It simply means those clothes weren’t aligned with your Yin and Yang. 🤗

Through this analysis, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of which models, styles, textures and patterns truly suit you. You will learn how to avoid wasting money on clothes, accessories, and makeup that you’ll never wear again.

If you would like to do the consultation in person we can start with the colour analysis by meeting at my place in Rotterdam centre (I will provide you with the address privately). After that, we can go to a local shop in Rotterdam with a wide variety of styles like Zara, H&M, etc for the Yin and Ying part. Alternatively, if you live within an hour of Rotterdam centre, we can explore your wardrobe and accessories together at your home. This is especially helpful if you already possess a diverse range of clothes and styles. 👗
Please bear in mind that any transportation cost for me will need to be covered by you; we will calculate the transportation costs prior to the booking and the amount will be added to the one for the consultation.

To begin, we’ll try on different types of clothing to assess how they flatter your body shape. There won’t be any need to know your exact measurements since it’s all based on the way clothes and accessories fit you regardless of your size. On top of that, we will also look at your facial feature as often Yin and Yang on the face can be totally different than the one on the body. 🌼

Throughout this process, we’ll identify the models, tones, textures, and shapes that best complement your body shape and enhance your overall appearance. If we’re at your place or conducting the analysis online, we’ll be also able to review (part of) your existing wardrobe and accessories to find ways to make the most of them. ✨

Along with our consultation, you’ll receive two personalized files created just for you, one for your season and one for your Yin and Yang.

The colour analysis file will include:

🌸 Detailed explanation of your season
🌸 In case you find yourself between two seasons, an additional explanation of your secondary season, providing insights into how it complements your primary season.
🌸 Detailed explanation regarding how Yin and Yang on your face influence your season
🌸 Your personal color palette, carefully curated to showcase the shades that harmonize with your season and enhance your overall appearance. Additionally, you’ll receive an explanation of your “Powerful” colors, guiding you on incorporating standout shades into your wardrobe.
🌸 How to implement colours outside of your season and personal colour palette keeping into consideration your personal preferences
🌸 What type of textures and finish will suit you most (in relation to face, makeup, and/or hair)
🌸 A curated list of celebrities that share your personal season
🌸 If applicable, a list of makeup products that will suit your season (based on your budget, preferences, and accessibility)
🌸 Additional considerations and topics covered during the consultation

The Yin and Yang file will include:

🌸 Detailed information about the concepts of Yin and Yang for personal image, helping you understand their significance and how they relate to your unique style.

🌸 A thorough explanation of your very own Yin and Yang and your personal style typology, providing insights into the characteristics that define your individual image.

🌸 In-depth information about clothing concepts, including models, textures, patterns, finishes, and lengths that best suit you and enhance your overall image. This guidance will help you make informed choices when selecting outfits.

🌸 Additional information on different styles and outfits that may not align with your Yin and Yang, but that you’re drawn to and would like to incorporate into your wardrobe. You’ll receive guidance on how to implement them effectively to suit your features and personal style.

🌸 Information about suitable makeup and hairstyles that complement your personal style, if applicable.

🌸 A guide on the best accessories that harmonize with your Yin and Yang, along with suggestions on how to incorporate them into your look to elevate your style.

🌸 Advice on the best types of shoes and footwear to complement your personal style.

🌸 Tips on how to recognize if an outfit will suit your Yin and Yang when you see it on a model, mannequin, or in a shop, helping you make confident decisions while shopping.

🌸 Information about lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, and other occasion-specific outfits that will enhance your personal image, ensuring you look and feel your best in various settings.
🌸 A curated list of celebrities that share your Yin & Yang.

🌸 Any other topics or considerations discussed during the consultation, covering a range of relevant aspects to provide comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs.

The files will be PDF and will be sent to you within two weeks of the consultation.

If you choose to do the analysis online, we will conduct a video call, similar to the in-person consultation, but you will need to use your own fabrics, clothes, and makeup products. To ensure accurate results, the analysis must be performed under natural light and with a high-quality camera.
Rest assured, whether in person or online, the consultation’s accuracy and outcome will remain consistent, as long as the proper settings are met. 😊
If you would like to book an appointment with me click the button below and specify in your message if you prefer to do the analysis in person or online. 🌸

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