For all the personal image consultations I would really appreciate it if you could arrive at your appointment well prepared: make sure you have showered, washed your hair, cleaned and moisturized your face, and have not applied any makeup or fake tan. ☀️
I understand that going out without makeup may be a challenge for some of you, so I want to assure you that I will also welcome you without any makeup on my face. This way, I hope to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for you. 💜

Please note that all of these services can be performed both in person and online unless specified otherwise. I want to emphasize that both methods are equally accurate. If we are conducting the consultation online, I kindly ask you to ensure you have a strong internet connection, good natural light, and a high-quality camera.
By meeting these requirements, we can ensure that the online consultation will be just as effective as an in-person one. 🤗
PAYMENT METHOD: Cash or bank transfer before the consultation.
IMPORTANT: All in-person services that require me to travel do not include the costs of transport; they will be calculated prior to the booking and added to the price of the consultation.
I will only travel to locations up to 1 hour from Rotterdam city centre (if applicable to the service).

Capsule Wardrobe

€150 [2 hours]

CV & LinkedIn Makeover

€100 per hour

Career Coaching Session

€100 per hour

Career Coaching Package

€280 [3 hours]

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